Industry Study

To get a pulse on today’s manufacturing needs, we here at oneRepSALES interviewed and compiled data on the struggles major executives at some of the south’s largest OEMs, were having in today’s market.  They attribute most of these struggles to not having the proper level of staff members in their purchasing departments.  Case in point, a major golf cart manufacturer admitted to having fourteen purchasing agents just four years ago and now they have a team of four doing all of their sourcing.  Do you think they’re capturing all the cost downs and improvements in the market place?  This is where oneRepSALES comes in to ….”make your job easier”.


More Industry Studies coming soon.  Please provide your feedback if you would like us to focus on a certain topic.  We will hit our market of top OEM manufacturers in the southeast and get results.

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Utilizing the network of your business is critical. However, there will be times when moving from a troubled supplier needs to be done discretely and quickly. Using oneRepSALES professionals with thousands of networking partners we will not only make it possible to move certain commodities, but also net a gain in profits through cost downs.


Communication is the backbone of all successful new business and transfer business. Whether its daily, weekly or bi-weekly updates given via phone, email, fax or web based programs customers expect updates to new and curent business projects, according to our latest study.


Providing results to the customer is always a good idea and they demand it. Whether they are good or bad, our study shows ALL customers want to know the results of ongoing projects in a timely manner to avoid surprises. We've found through experience, that going the extra mile by tracking results to communicate them with the customer pays on the next award when the project is complete. Everyone likes to brag on their hard work and customers feel more comfortable when they see that their supplier makes good decision...most of the time.