It only takes one of us to grow your company two fold…

That’s why at oneRepSALES, we have the best of the best! Our knowledge of products and our ability to put anyone in a room of experts with over a hundred years of expertise is unmatched. Give us your goals and we’ll make them a reality!

oneRepSALES covers over 42 states in the United States and some territories in Mexico, Canada, Dominican Republic  and Vietnam.  We are a rapidly growing, motivated and highly customer oriented company that believes in servicing our customers needs first.

The word “Salesman” is often considered a socially taboo four letter word. Why? First of all its 8 letters, not four…seriously, why is the word “Salesman” thought of as a bad thing? Why is it that when a “Salesman” calls it’s, “Mr. Jones, it’s another salesman calling….” In my opinion it should sound a little more like, “Mr. Jones, there’s a person on the phone that can solve all of our problems and help us reduce our costs, you should talk with him!!” Let’s start relating this eight letter word to these: Marketer, Humorous, Constant, Enduring, Obdurate, Resolute, Stubborn, Tireless, Expected, Rational, Intrepid, Positive, Trusting, Credence, Networks, Sureness, Untiring, Reliance, Pleasant, Sportive, Mirthful, Abetting and Adjuvant. Now aren’t those words what you want describing the salesman that is calling on you?

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Brian Waldner
Phone: (770) 815-6070

Mission Statement

Our mission at oneRepSALES is to find, develop, quote, source and build relationships for our clients. Whether it’s the President of oneRepSALES or one of our expert Sales Professionals, our job is to make your job easier & more profitable…period!

Vision Statement

Our vision is to represent the highest level of clients in each of their perspective markets and to grow and sustain profitable work with exponential growth year in and year out, while continuously building our network to service 100% of our clients’ needs.